I was initially in love with the idea of using pomanders as ceremony aisle decor until I started longing for pictures like this one:

The problem with having the grand exit at the end of the reception is that it requires a lot of timing coordination, and sometimes the guests get bored waiting for the bride and groom to make their exit.  Furthermore, our reception isn't going to end until 11:00pm (and I definitely plan on partying until the bitter end), we aren't sure how many other guests would stay that late for the grand exit.

So I propose we go for the "petal shower" at the recessional of the ceremony.  And the aisle decor would look something like this (minus the petals already on the ground, I'm a minimalist at heart):

And just in case our guests don't know what to do with the petals, some directions on a label may help...

We'll probably use white cones with green ribbon and pink, orange, and red petals.

Here's a petal cone template and some DIY directions.  Add this to my list of DIY projects (thank goodness we only need 14 or 16 of them for the 7 or 8 rows of seats)

I'm thinking about using freeze-dried rose petals because they won't wilt or stain, smell nice, last for months (so we don't have to worry about doing these cones at the last minute), are less expensive than fresh petals but a little more expensive than silk/artificial flowers (but are biodegradable!)

Sources for freeze-dried petals:



Now I just have to convince the caterers to clean up my petals for me :)

Update: This bride has run out of time, so my florist is doing the petal cones for me.






We won't be having assigned seats, a head table, or a sweetheart table.  I really want the wedding to feel intimate and not so formal.  We will put "Reserved" signs on 2 or 3 of the tables for the wedding party and family.  That way, when we're off taking pictures between the ceremony and the reception, we'll actually have some place to sit when we come back!

I also want to make signs like the ones above for a cute photo op.   

I love this idea of displaying wedding photographs of our parents and grandparents along with pictures of the two of us.  As much as a marriage is about the union of two people, it is also about the bringing together of families. 

I've been collecting vintage looking frames from TJ Maxx and Marshall's for this display.

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